Blue Meanie On Weekly TV Shows vs. PPV events

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Blue Meanie On Weekly TV Shows vs. PPV events

All Elite Wrestling will be airing their weekly TV show on TNT. The show will start in October of this year. At the moment, All Elite Wrestling is just doing PPV shows and does not have a weekly show. Blue Meanie is a former ECW wrestler.

He was with the company when they started their weekly TV show. Meanie knows how difficult it is to go from a PPV show to a weekly TV show. "For ECW it wasn't that hard because we would do a TV taping and film like three weeks at a time.

You would go to the ECW Arena and we could film 3-4 weeks easily," stated Meanie on the WINLCY podcast. "The rest of the show was promos and at the end we had these Pulp Fiction segments for people who didn't have a match but got to have an interview segment or skit to get their character over."

Meanie also took this opportunity to praise Paul Heyman. He stated that Paul had the ability to keep everyone busy and everybody had something to do. Meanie left ECW and joined the WWE when ECW went to TNN. He made a return to ECW just before they went out of business.

ECW shows were not live during that time either. "We didn't really have to worry about going live once a week, every week for a year. The only thing live were the PPVs”.