Blue Meanie on Challenges of a Live TV Show

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Blue Meanie on Challenges of a Live TV Show

Blue Meanie is a former ECW wrestler. The WWE also signed Blue Meanie, but he could never reach the top of the company. He rejoined ECW a while before they went out of business. ECW didn’t have a TV show during its early days.

Meanie was with the company when they started doing TV shows, and it was challenging for them. ECW never had live weekly TV shows though. Only their PPV events were live. ECW started doing weekly TV shows because they wished to compete with the WWE and WCW.

On the WINLCY podcast, Blue Meanie spoke about the challenges of a running a live TV Show. "The challenges of live TV are that you need to think on the fly, edit on the fly and you also have to be mindful of your time because it affects other matches.

There were plenty of times in WWE where I was in the Gorilla position and in my outfit and they say your segment's been cut because somebody's gone long. Or times when you're in the ring and you have to go longer because somebody else's match went short.

That's the thing about live TV." ECW had extreme rules. It was the pure no holds barred professional wrestling promotion. ECW was bought by the WWE. Paul Heyman was the one that sold the company and all of its assets.