Blue Meanie on AEW TV Show Challenges

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Blue Meanie on AEW TV Show Challenges

Blue Meanie was one of the most recognized ECW wrestlers. He worked for the promotion for a really long time and even had a run in the WWE. He could never reach the top of the WWE, and he returned to the ECW. ECW went out of business shortly after his return.

ECW never had a live TV show. All of their weekly TV shows were taped in advance. All Elite Wrestling is about to start a weekly TV show. Meanie was with ECW during the time they started their weekly TV show. He spoke about the challenges that AEW might face if they have a live TV show on the WINLCY podcast.

He stated that AEW nearly messed up one of their live events once. At All In, the show nearly went off air before the last match. "With AEW a similar thing almost happened. You're gonna have weekly TV and a lot of the guys who are used to working shows where they can tape it and edit, they're gonna have to worry about sticking to times," said Meanie.

"Also working to cameras – sell faces to the cameras to become stars. But Cody and The Bucks are smart guys and have been around the business. I'm sure Tony has helped work this out but I'm looking forward to seeing what they do."