Cody Rhodes Responds to Vince McMahon

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Cody Rhodes Responds to Vince McMahon

All Elite Wrestling and the WWE will most likely go to war in a few years. It may even happen this year! All Elite Wrestling definitely has some of the best indie wrestlers of the world, and they have the money required to go head to head with the WWE.

They are the only wrestling promotion in the world that can beat the WWE. At a recent earnings call, Vince McMahon said that the WWE will not "do blood and guts and things of that nature such as being done on perhaps a new potential competitor."

This was a reference to All Elite Wrestling and how brutal some of their matches are. The WWE promised to still remain PG. Cody Rhodes recently responded to Vince’s comments. Cody is currently one of AEW’s Executive Vince Presidents.

He spoke about it in a promo. "Recently there were some very public comments made about us, where we were referred to as 'blood and guts.' Blood and guts. And it was said with such a braggart candor that you would think the person saying it felt that they're bulletproof.

But I wonder before they said it if they tasted their own words before they spit them out, because the entirety of our business is built on blood and guts. Every man or woman who ever stepped foot in the ring, regardless of race, color, creed, political affiliation, sexual identity, felt blood and guts and passion, because if we don't care, they don't care. So if you say we are blood and guts, I say you bet your ass we're blood and guts."