Cody Rhodes on AEW's YouTube Channel

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Cody Rhodes on AEW's YouTube Channel

Cody Rhodes is currently one of All Elite Wrestling’s Executive Vice Presidents. He is the one that makes most of the creative decisions at AEW. Cody Rhodes is also a full-time AEW wrestler. He was a guest on the Busted Open Radio recently.

He spoke about AEW’s YouTube Channel and how it has helped his group, The Elite; grow in the world of professional wrestling. Cody uses that channel to tell stories of wrestlers. He praised Tully Blanchard for his work in promoting Shawn Spear, one of AEW’s recent acquisitions.

"I have let it go there and absolutely love it. They have been able to tell wrestler's real stories. Wrestlers have an interesting life. People love the reality of our industry. That is one thing that we keep saying in AEW, we keep saying, 'Sports Centric.'

It means a lot of things but one thing that it means is to cover the day-to-day lives of who these people really are. It may not be the traditional means of getting a character connected, and I don't know, it may be the magic of Tully Blanchard,” stated Cody.

AEW is probably the only wrestling promotion in the world that can rival the WWE. They have some of the best indie wrestlers of the world working for them right now. They still have a long way to go, but all of their PPV events have been successful so far.