Priscilla Kelly on Meeting Her Husband

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Priscilla Kelly on Meeting Her Husband

Priscilla Kelly is an indie wrestler and she has worked on the indie circuit for a really long time. Her husband is Darby Allin and he is currently an All Elite Wrestling wrestler. Many people believe that Kelly will end up joining the AEW as her husband is currently a part of it.

She spoke about her husband on the WINCLY podcast. She talked about how they first met at EVOLVE "We were both signed to EVOLVE and were just around each other and doing 30-hour van drives together. We never really spoke but we ended up doing a doubleheader at PROGRESS and neither of us were on the PROGRESS show after EVOLVE," recalled Kelly.

"So, he was going to Times Square and I was like, 'Hey, I've never been to Times Square. Can I come with you?' He was like, 'Sure.' But he did not want me to go with him but I wanted to go because I wanted to see Times Square."

"I've pretty much seen him go through everything because when we started dating he was homeless and living in his car," revealed Kelly They started going to concerts after knowing each other for 2 months.

After 4 months, Darby proposed her. Kelly and Darby are one of the many wrestling couples that are famous in the indie circuit. Only time will tell whether they will end up in AEW.