Magnum TA on Relationship with Dusty

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Magnum TA on Relationship with Dusty

Magnum T.A. is a former NWA wrestler. He was one of the biggest NWA superstars in the mid-1980s. He won the United States Championship 2 times. He was a very close friend of Dusty Rhodes and is Cody Rhodes’ godfather. On the Payoff Podcast, Magnum spoke about Cody, the AEW and Dusty.

"Well, Dusty is my best friend in life. We were tied at the hip. We met down in Florida, and when I was on the underneath-to-the-middle of the card and we traveled together and sang and talked about our dreams and things we wanted to do.

We just formed this crazy bond. When he had the book for the Crockett's [promotion] and had this opportunity there, I mean, I left when my territory was on fire," Magnum said of leaving Mid-South shortly after a Heavyweight Title reign”.

"I was this top star and I left to go help my friend Dusty turn the Mid-Atlantic around and the NWA into what we did with it. I believed in him and I believed in what he and I could do together”. Dusty was with JCP at that time and was booking for them.

JCP continued to grow and became WCW. WCW was the only promotion that came extremely close to putting the WWE out of business. The WWE eventually won the famous Monday Night Wars and put the WCW out of business.