Magnum TA on Cody Competing with WWE

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Magnum TA on Cody Competing with WWE

Magnum T.A. used to work for NWA and was Dusty Rhodes’ best friend. He was one of NWA’s biggest stars in the mid-1980s. Magnum is Cody Rhodes’ godfather. He worked for a long time with Dusty and traveled together with him multiple times during his NWA days.

Cody Rhodes is currently one of All Elite Wrestling’s Executive Vice Presidents. AEW might actually compete with the WWE one day as they are backed by a billionaire. They have also signed some of the biggest indie wrestlers of the world.

Magnum was a guest on The Payoff Podcast and he spoke about how Dusty would be proud of Cody. "[Dusty] would be so proud of him, because he mentored his son and invested so much into him that Cody has just been groomed to be where he's at, do what he's doing.

He's got a brilliant mind. His talent as a performer is amazing, but more amazing is that entrepreneurial spirit that he has and his ability to be a visionary and see things like his dad did through a different set of lenses," stated Magnum.

"So, he's got that unique touch that's so special. I can't wait to see what they do. I mean, they made a lot of noise. I've been to their first two big events; one in Chicago and the one in Vegas, and the events were amazing”.