AEW Announce Tapings Locations

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AEW Announce Tapings Locations

All Elite Wrestling announced several months back that they have partnered with TNT. All big wrestling promotions of the world need to air their weekly shows on some channel. Without a weekly show, a giant wrestling promotion cannot generate enough revenue to sustain itself.

A giant wrestling promotion cannot rely on PPV events alone. All Elite Wrestling already has some big superstars working for them. TNT is one of the largest TV networks in the world, so this is definitely a good deal for AEW as they will be able to sustain themselves now.

AEW announced the locations of their TNT episodes. Their second and third episodes location were announced on Tuesday. These will be live episodes. The first one will take place on the 9th of October on Wednesday and the second on the 16th of October.

And uncensored version of Being The Elite revealed the locations and the details. The clip is available on YouTube. AEW’s first episode will be aired on TNT from 8 pm to 10 pm ET. The date set for the episode is the 2nd of October and the venue is the Capital One Arena in Washington DC.

The tickets for the event sold out in a few hours after tickets went on sale. AEW plans on releasing more tickets for the show soon, but they might sell out quickly as well.