Tony Khan on Making AEW as big as WCW

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Tony Khan on Making AEW as big as WCW

All Elite Wrestling is a wrestling promotion that promised its fans that they will change the entire wrestling landscape in the world. The current number 1 wrestling promotion of the world is the WWE. Many of its fans do not like the product that the WWE puts out these days.

All Elite Wrestling has already hired some of the best indie wrestlers of the world. They put out a few free shows for its fans recently. Tony Khan spoke to Decider about it. He stated that he believes in the brand. "In terms of putting shows out there for free, we took a bath financially on that and I took a big hit, and I was willing to do it as a company because I believed in our brand of wrestling," Khan said.

He also stated that he wants to make AEW as big as the WCW. "There hasn't been a legitimate other company [besides WWE] presenting weekly, high quality wrestling, and never before was HD available," Khan said.

He also stated that the revenue streams will be huge and the AEW will make loads of money. AEW has sold out most of its PPV events and future TV show dates. The WWE is worried about AEW, and they are offering most of their talents long-term deals to stop them from going to the AEW.