Cody Rhodes on Putting Out Quality Matches

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Cody Rhodes on Putting Out Quality Matches

Many WWE fans are turning away from the WWE as they don’t think that the WWE is putting out a great product these days. The WWE basically has no real competition and could get away with anything. These days, All Elite Wrestling is, or might be, competition for the WWE.

The WWE knows about this very well. That is the reason why they are in a panic mode. Cody Rhodes was on The Apter Chat, recently and he spoke about various topics related to AEW. One of the things he spoke about was about putting high quality products out.

He said he isn’t celebrating the fact that the AEW sold out tickets for its first show. He is more focused on the product. "I think [the TNT TV premier] selling out was an honest shock to me," Rhodes said. "I thought it would do well, but we were so focused on the content of the show itself.

Washington D.C.: the Nation's Capital - it's serendipity, man. And the only way it's going to keep happening after the fact is if we keep putting on the best bell-to-bell matches that we can”. “Yes, people may tune in and expect something different as far as AEW is concerned and expect that alternative, and they'll get that," Cody continued. "But they'll also get something they've been familiar with for a long time”.