Cody Rhodes on Partnership with TNT

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Cody Rhodes on Partnership with TNT

All Elite Wrestling announced a few months ago that they are partners with TNT. TNT is part of the Warner Media Group and they are one of the biggest TV networks in the world. AEW is a brand new wrestling promotion, but they have already hired some of the best indie wrestlers of the world.

Cody Rhodes was on the Apter Chat where he spoke about TNT and WCW. TNT was WCW’s partner about 18 years ago, before the company went out of business. Cody feels like he is lucky to be partners with TNT. He commented on AEW bringing wrestling back to TNT.

"I don't know, I think I said something to that nature for sure," Cody laughed. "I was taking back the initial blood and guts comment (from McMahon). I'm so excited that wrestling is going to be on TNT.

I think it's been 18 years, and to have a partner like that - and they've changed so much; the Warner Media Group has changed so much in terms of their infrastructure. Wrestling has changed so much, so it'll be cool to kind of catch back up.

You know, where is everything now?" The WWE is apparently worried about AEW’s arrival. That is the reason why they have given long term deals to some of their best talents. The AEW might go head to head with the WWE one day.