Booker T Responds to Matt Riddle

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Booker T Responds to Matt Riddle

Booker T is a WWE Hall of Famer. He recently responded to comments made by Matt Riddle on Twitter. Matt Riddle recently made some very harsh comments on Chris Jericho, Lance Storm, Goldberg, and Booker T. Matt Riddle started his WWE career at NXT.

He is a former MMA fighter and was a famous indie wrestler before he joined the WWE. Riddle wrote, “ 'I'll beat the s--t out of you.' Booker thinks this was an unwise move from "The Original Bro"

This was directed at Chris Jericho Booker T responded by saying: "My thing is is that it's kind of hard as far as, how should I take it? Me personally, I know that if I was a young guy in the business and someone like Chris Jericho gave me a little bit of advice - be it as it may where the guy is working at [AEW] right now - but if Chris Jericho was to give me some words of advice, he might be one of the guys I would listen to just because of the career that he has had," Booker explained.

Chris Jericho is currently one of All Elite Wrestling’s biggest signing. AEW made him an offer that he couldn’t refuse. Matt Riddle vs. Chris Jericho might not happen anytime soon, as they both work for different wrestling promotions. This is not the first time Matt has bashed WCW legends and former legends.