WWE Interested in Buying AEW’s Steaming Partner

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WWE Interested in Buying AEW’s Steaming Partner

According to reports, WWE is interested in buying Fite TV. Fite TV is a streaming platform and this report was released by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Fite is involved in steaming several live events. They cover pro wrestling, MMA, boxing, and kickboxing.

They are currently working with AEW, NJPW, ROH, MLW, GCW, WLW, Championship Wrestling, Impact Wrestling and the Reality of Wrestling promotion. Reality of Wrestling is owned by Hall of Fame Booker T. Championship Wrestling is from Hollywood.

We do not at what stage in the talks the WWE and Fite are right now. Reports suggest that meetings are scheduled which will decide the future of Fite. Things would get pretty interesting in the world of professional wrestling if the WWE manages to purchase Fite.

It might have a huge impact in the war between AEW and the WWE. The Observer stated that the AEW might end up losing their biggest streaming partner if the WWE manages to get hold of Fite. AEW might get a new partner from the Turner Family though.

All Elite Wrestling is the only wrestling promotion in the world that has enough money to beat the WWE. They will need to work extremely hard to get to WWE’s level though. So far, they have signed some of the best indie wrestlers of the world. Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega are the top wrestlers that they have signed.