Jericho on Vince's Involvement in NXT

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Jericho on Vince's Involvement in NXT

NXT fans believe that NXT is the best WWE product as it is run by Triple H. Vince McMahon is not running the show, so wrestlers have a lot of freedom over there. The storylines and character development are also better according to them.

Chris Jericho spoke about NXT recently on the Busted Open Radio. Jericho is currently working for All Elite Wrestling and he was one of WWE’s best heel wrestlers during the time he worked for the company. He is all set to face Adam Page for the AEW World Title.

As noted, NXT is going to move to the USA Network and will air on Wednesday. WWE probably wants to battle AEW’s weekly show that will air on TNT every Wednesday from October of this year. Jericho knows that Vince McMahon is not involved in NXT’s creative process right now.

He spoke about what would happen when he does get involved. "If it's another show on the USA Network - not on FS1, and not on the WWE Network. If it's an official, legitimate, nationwide cable show on the USA Network, do you think Vince McMahon is going to be involved in it? Of course he is!" Jericho exclaimed.

"It's Vince McMahon; he is a genius. But here's the thing - I think the appeal of it is that it's its own little entity outside the WWE, and when Vince McMahon gets a hold of it and gets involved with it it is going to become another SmackDown and another RAW”.