Jericho on AEW Roster Not Wanting a War With WWE

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Jericho on AEW Roster Not Wanting a War With WWE

Although All Elite Wrestling is a brand new wrestling promotion, The WWE is apparently worried about its arrival. They are funded by the owner of Jacksonville Jaguars, Shahid Khan. He is a billionaire and his net worth of more than that of Vince McMahon’s.

All Elite Wrestling has acquired some of the best indie talents of the world ever since it launched, which was earlier this year. They have former WWE stars like Jericho and Jon Moxley working for them. Chris Jericho and Jon Moxley were making close to seven figures every year with the WWE, but they choose to join AEW over the WWE.

As noted, NXT will be moved to the USA Network. It will start airing every Wednesday and the WWE probably wants it to give AEW’s weekly show a real challenge. AEW’s weekly show will also start airing on Wednesday’s from October of this year.

"You do have the cool factor in right now. Part of it is because we are brand new and it's always cool to have brand new, but we never came into this trying to be in a war or go to battle anybody. Obviously, we are all grown ups here.

The very fact that we exist, the war begins," Jericho explained. "But I think the war started when Chris Jericho signed with AEW - I think that was the first real deal thing”.