Sammy Guevara on The Wednesday Night Wars

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Sammy Guevara on The Wednesday Night Wars

The war between the AEW and the WWE might start sooner than expected. AEW is going to start its weekly show on TNT in October. The WWE has decided to place WWE NXT against it on Wednesday. NXT will move to the USA Network pretty soon, and that means real competition for AEW.

Even Cody Rhodes stated in an interview that the best wrestling is now going to take place on Wednesday. Sammy Guevara spoke about the progress that AEW has made. He spoke to an independent reporter about how his mind was blown by the progress that AEW has made.

“When Moxley came down and started beating everybody up - maybe it was when he was standing on the chip and it was over with - I was standing next to Kylie Rae and we're just watching it, and I'm like, 'Isn't this crazy? We're a part of this.'

And then she's like, 'Yeah, this is F'n nuts.' I don't know, to be a fan and say, 'I want to do this', and to be doing it. And then to now be in one of the biggest companies right now, and they're about to go head-to-head with friggin' WWE NXT-whatever.

It's wild! Another example that nothing is impossible," Guevara said. All Elite Wrestling has already signed some of the best indie wrestlers of the world.