Dolph Ziggler on AEW All Out

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Dolph Ziggler on AEW All Out

Dolph Ziggler is being used regularly by the WWE these days. A few years ago, he was part of WWE’s top storylines. Over the years, he was reduced to a mid-card role, and was rarely featured in high profile matches. Dolph made his return to the WWE after taking some time out and returned in style.

He isn’t winning important matches, but he is getting time on WWE TV, which many WWE fans think he truly deserves. Dolph did a Q and A session on Twitter where he answered a few important questions. He was asked whether he will watch AEW All Out.

"Nah. Hope it goes great! That's good for everyone." So Dolph is keeping himself away from anything related to AEW right now. He also replied “Nah” to two questions. The first one was whether he would go to NXT and wrestle there.

The other was who he would like to face from the NXT roster. Dolph said, "I'd prefer to not have one & just continues to be great at our jobs,” when asked whether his tag team with Bobby Roode would actually have a name or not.

He replied “Renee” when he was asked about which WWE female star he would like to have as a tag team partner. He wrote, “Yes. And Heights,” when asked about whether he was afraid of the Fiend. He reveled that Naomi is his favorite WWE female wrestler.