Conrad Thompson on WWE Trying to Compete With Him

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Conrad Thompson on WWE Trying to Compete With Him

Conrad Thompson is a very well-known professional wrestling podcaster and has some of the best connections in the wrestling industry. He has worked for and with many different wrestling promotions and is involved with All Elite Wrestling and the WWE these days.

Even though All Elite Wrestling and the WWE might go to war sometime in the future, Conrad has remained relatively neutral. His Starrcast events feature some of the best superstars from all over the world, but sometimes the WWE has stepped in to pull its wrestlers from the Starrcast convention.

Now, the WWE is planning to start its own podcast network. That can turn out to be pretty bad for Conrad, who also runs a famous podcast. He was asked whether the WWE is creating the podcast to put him out of business. He thinks that that is not the case.

"No, absolutely not. I don't think that at all. If anything WWE should have been in the podcast game years ago. Maybe the success of my show and others has proven to them that this is something that needs to happen and I'm excited that it has.

I hope they do well with it," stated Thompson who then addressed if he's had any discussion about joining their podcast network. "I don't know anything about their network. I haven't had a conversation with anyone about it. Most of my shows are with Westwood One and all of my shows moving forward will be with them”.