Cody Thanks the Fans After All Out

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Cody Thanks the Fans After All Out

All Elite Wrestling held one of their biggest PPV events ever recently. That event was called AEW All Out, and is kind of a throwback to the PPV event called All In. All In was the event that led to the creation of All Elite Wrestling, because it was super successful.

AEW is backed by billionaire Shahid Khan, so they have the money required to buy any wrestler that they want. One of their biggest signings is Chris Jericho, who is a former WWE wrestler. He is one of the most well-known wrestlers in the world and was present during the Attitude Era.

His promo cutting ability and ability to crack jokes during promos made him one of the most hated heels in all of sports entertainment. At AEW All Out, Jericho fought Adam Page for the AEW World Title. Jericho was the one that won the match and he is the first AEW World Champion.

After Jericho won the match, Cody Rhodes came out to the ring to congratulate Jericho. He thanked the fans and praised Adam Page. "I'll tell ya a quick story, I was in Japan, and Kevin Kelly said to me, 'That's really good what you're doing with that guy, taking him under your wing,' he was talking about 'Hangman' Adam Page," Rhodes said.

"I looked a Kevin Kelly and said, 'I'm not doing anything. That guy is the best wrestler in The Elite.' " Rhodes then asked AEW President, Tony Khan to come to the ring. Tony came and announced that AEW All Out will be held in Chicago on every Labor Day weekend.