Cody Rhodes' Dog Gets Scared

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Cody Rhodes' Dog Gets Scared

Many accidents have taken place in the WWE and other wrestling promotions during wrestler entrances. Some of them have resulted in horrible injuries. We all remember the time when Jeff Hardy’s entrance was ruined by pyros.

They blasted in his face, and he could not compete that night. This time, a sort of accident was about to take place at All Elite Wrestling’s All Out PPV. Cody Rhodes came out to the ring to face Shawn Spears, but his dog Pharaoh was with him.

This dog got scared during the entrance as some motors went off. According to Cody, his dog is scared of loud noises, especially thunder. This dog reacted in a very bad way that nearly ruined the entire entrance. PWInsider reported that Tony Khan was not at all pleased about it and showed his displeasure.

Before the main event, Adam Page used a horse to come out to the ring. The horse was safely corralled before they hit Chris Jericho’s music and the pyros that go with it. They absolutely did not want to see the horse go out of control.

Cody was asked about his dog on twitter. He wrote, "He's fine. The mortars (noisy ones) shouldn't have fired. He got spooked just like with thunder. I'm glad he saw me though. He's excited to meet folks tomorrow and help out the PAWS shelter."