CM Punk on His Starrcast III Interview

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CM Punk on His Starrcast III Interview

CM Punk once held the WWE title for a record number of days. He was one of the most successful WWE champions that the WWE has ever produced and beat countless famous WWE superstars in the process. CM Punk chants can still be heard in many arenas and the fans have not forgotten him.

CM Punk vowed never to return to the WWE, and he so far has not, even though the fans want to see him there again. Many thought that he would make a surprise appearance at AEW All Out but he did not. AEW All Out took place near Chicago, which is CM Punk’s hometown.

CM Punk was at Starrcast III and gave an interview however. He was invited by Conrad Thompson! CM Punk commented on his interview on Twitter and thanked Conrad. "Thank you Conrad Thompson," Punk wrote. "Thanks to your entire team and everyone who helped make my appearance Starrcast.

The best I've ever been a part off. Most of all, thanks to everyone who came through to say hi. Appreciate you all!!!" CM Punk spoke about a number of different topics and they were all very important. He spoke about being released to from the WWE, Vince McMahon, John Cena and his acting career.

We do not know when he will appear inside a wrestling ring again. He has made some appearances as a masked wrestler for some indie promotions, but that is it.