Chris Jericho Celebrates Alone

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Chris Jericho Celebrates Alone

Some extremely hated heels are actually very well respected backstage. In fact, being a good heel is sometimes more difficult than being a babyface. Heels are the ones that have to look extremely bad in order to sell tickets because people want to see the babyface win.

Chris Jericho is currently working for All Elite Wrestling as a heel wrestler and he is one of the best heel wrestlers that exist in the world right now. His promo skills are second to none and that is the reason why AEW hired him to work for them.

AEW rewarded him by giving him the AEW World Title at AEW All Out. He was able to beat Adam Page for it and then cut a promo backstage. Usually, after winning a championship title, a wrestler receives congratulations and praise backstage.

That was not the case with Jericho. Nobody congratulated him or shook his hand when he went backstage. Of course, that was all part of the storyline. Jericho simply told everybody that he deserves a thank you and proceeded to make fun of almost everybody backstage.

He then went to his empty locker room, where he celebrated alone with a few bottles of champagnes and olives. Chris Jericho is extremely important for the AEW, as he is probably the biggest star besides Jon Moxley who has signed with the company.