US Presidential Candidate Praises Jericho

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US Presidential Candidate Praises Jericho

Chris Jericho became the first All Elite Wrestling World Champion at AEW All Out. He had to wrestle Adam Page during the main event of AEW All Out, and he won. He earned the title shot by beating Kenny Omega at AEW Double or Nothing, which was the first PPV event organized by AEW.

Jericho is currently working in AEW as a heel wrestler, and he is best known for his work as a heel wrestler in the WWE. His promo cutting ability and ability to get a reaction from the crowd was second to none. That is the reason why, some journalists believe that Jericho is the best AEW signing so far.

Jericho received praise from Andrew Yang, who is a US Presidential Candidate for the 2020 elections. Yang wants AEW to make the industry more talent friendly and stated that he is rooting for them on Twitter. His full quote was, "Congrats @IAmJericho - I'm rooting for @AEWrestling to help make the industry more talent-friendly."

Jericho cut a promo after he won the title. According to the storyline, nobody really likes Jericho backstage and he complained about it when he went backstage after winning the title. He was even forced to celebrate his title victory alone. He stated that he didn’t need a thank you from anyone and just started making fun of almost everybody backstage.