AEW All Out Sales and Buys

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AEW All Out Sales and Buys

All Elite Wrestling held their All Out PPV recently. According to reports, AEW was able to sell 28,000 PPV buys in the U.S alone. B/R Live was not included in this figure according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. These figures are actually not very good.

AEW Double or Nothing had 20% more traditional TV PPV buys. That event sold about 35,000 buys after the show ended. Its total is probably around 39,000 US TV PPV buys. AEW All Out might sell about 10-12% more buys after a few days.

The report by the Observer states that the steaming PPV buy numbers on B/R Live might actually be higher than the ones generated by Double or Nothing. It isn’t known what numbers it has produced so far. A preview show that lasted for one hour was shown by TNT.

It pushed B/R Live instead of traditional PPV buys. That is probably the reason for the low traditional PPV buy numbers and possibly much higher live steaming buy numbers. There might be around 100,000 PPV buys in total when the live streaming buys are also factored it.

That is a very rough estimate. The estimated buys for AEW Double or Nothing were 111,000. So according to the estimates, All Out is 10% down in PPV buys than Double or Nothing. These numbers might worry a few AEW fans, but keep in mind that they have just started.