Hardy Makes Fun of Jericho

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Hardy Makes Fun of Jericho

As noted, someone stole Chris Jericho’s real All Elite Wrestling World Title Belt while he was having dinner at a restaurant. Jericho won the title at AEW’s All Out event. Adam Page and Jericho fought for the title.

Jericho is currently working as a heel wrestler, so it is his job to get heat from the crowd. He used this whole situation as an opportunity to get further heat, and even cut a promo on the police department that found the title for him.

Since a war will happen soon between All Elite Wrestling and the WWE, some WWE superstars regularly take shots at AEW wrestlers. Some WWE superstars have actually expressed an interest in joining the AEW as well. This time, it was legendary tag wrestler, Matt Hardy that took a shot at Chris Jericho.

Hardy posted a video on his YouTube channel of him walking out of LongHorn Steakhouse without a belt. "Just had a wonderful date night with my beautiful wife here at a very classy restaurant as you can... Hold up (runs back inside the restaurant and grabs his belt) that son of a b---h tried to steal my belt.

Reby, where's our limousine?"
Jericho was at a LongHorn Steakhouse in Tallahassee restaurant that is in Florida when it happened. So it is definitely a shot at Jericho. Jericho is set to defend his title multiple times over the next few AEW PPV events. He will even be defending his title against Cody Rhodes in one PPV event.