Brandi Rhodes on Not Being in Title Picture

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Brandi Rhodes on Not Being in Title Picture

Brandi Rhodes is currently working as a Chief Brand Officer at All Elite Wrestling. She has an important backstage role, but is also an in-ring performer. She tried to compete for the AEW Women’s World Title but failed in her most recent campaign.

Some AEW fans still believe that she is in the title picture, although she is not. They probably believe that because she is such an important person backstage. However, Brandi took to Twitter and made it clear that she is not in the title picture at all.

In fact, she openly stated that her elimination was a very clean one. Rhodes tweeted, "People keep saying I'm in the title picture...although I flew over the top rope at rocket speed midway through the qualifying Battle Royale.

Are we in some alternate universe where that means I get a title shot? That'd be awesome, and I would need new gear so...lemme know." All Elite Wrestling All Out event had a special pre-show called the “Buy-in”.

During that the 21-woman Battle Royale Match took place. Nyla Rose was the one that won that match and will now face Riho for the AEW Women’s World Title. Riho wrestled Hikaru Shida at All Out and won the match. The AEW Women’s Title Match will take place on the 2nd of October on the first episode of AEW’s weekly TV show, set to air on TNT.