Chris Jericho on Aubrey Edward

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Chris Jericho on Aubrey Edward

Chris Jericho is the current All Elite Wrestling World Champion. He has been pretty active on social media and on YouTube, especially after he got his AEW Title Belt stolen recently. He got it back! Jericho participated in the main event of All Elite Wrestling’s PPV, called All Out.

He wrestled Adam Page for the AEW World Title and won that match. Aubrey Edward became the first female professional wrestling referee to officiate a world title match in the world for a large wrestling promotion. Jericho stated that he supports Edward on his podcast.

"Hangman and I had talked about a few things and kind of decided what direction we wanted the match to go in, and then talked with our producer, Dean Malenko," Chris said. "The referee, Aubrey Edwards, who I specifically requested to be our referee for two reasons: 1.

I think she's the best referee in the company, just for me, for my opinions. We've got some good referees but I like her style, and I like the fact that we had the very first female referee officiating a world title match”.

She actually did a very good job in the match and didn’t really botch anything. A bad referee can ruin a very good match quite easily. Referees are also responsible for driving the action in some cases. Jericho is set to defend his AEW World Title in the upcoming AEW PPV events.