Jericho on Matt Hardy’s Parody Video

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Jericho on Matt Hardy’s Parody Video

All Elite Wrestling and the WWE will go to war with each other soon and many believe that AEW has every chance of winning the wars. The only wrestling promotion that ever came close to beating the WWE was the WCW, many years ago.

That Monday Night Wars ended after Vince McMahon bought WCW. Chris Jericho is one of the most famous WWE wrestlers that recently joined the AEW. AEW offered him a deal that he couldn’t refuse and he is even allowed to work outside of AEW.

Jericho won the AEW World Title at the AEW All Out PPV. He wrestled Adam Page for the title and he managed to beat him quite easily. Jericho’s World Title Belt got stolen while he was having dinner at a Steakhouse. He recently recovered it but Matt Hardy made a video that made fun of Jericho losing the title recently.

Hardy recently stated that he wasn’t actually making fun of Jericho. He explained, "For the record, I am not making fun of Chris Jericho. "I just saw an opportunity to make a cute parody of last week's wacky events & remind people of how entertaining I can be.

Chris is a great friend & is an industry master of evolution & reaction. ENJOY!" Jericho responded to this post on Twitter by saying, "I loved it! It was OUTSTEEEEEENDING!!!!" Jericho is set to defend his AEW World title in a few upcoming AEW PPV events.