Triple H on NXT Having its Own Schedule

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Triple H on NXT Having its Own Schedule

These days, NXT has its own identity and they are slowly becoming one of the most popular professional wrestling brand on the planet. WWE trusts the brand and believes that it can do well. That is the reason why, NXT has been pitted against AEW’s weekly TV show which will start in October.

NXT takeover events have always been part of the weekend of a major WWE PPV event. According to Triple H, they will no longer rely on WWE PPV weekends, and will have a presence of their own. NXT takeover events are profitable according to Triple H, and some of the best indie wrestlers of the world are working for the brand right now.

Some of the best WWE stars worked at NXT before joining the main roster, and some fans enjoy watching NXT more than RAW or Smackdown. "The TakeOvers will continue but there's a schedule shift going on. That is an opportunity to better serve our Network subscribers to give them more live content on a more regular basis.

So NXT TakeOvers will continue… but there are opportunities to do other content," said Hunter. "Having a Worlds Collide event, where you have under the same brand but separate branding…and have them compete each other and have these one-off events, these are very meaningful events”.

Some people believe that the best wrestling in the world will take place on Wednesday when these two brands will battle each other. Many believe that AEW will have a hard time now.