Bill Apter on NXT Vs. AEW and Vince McMahon

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Bill Apter on NXT Vs. AEW and Vince McMahon

After a really long time, we will see the WWE compete with another wrestling promotion and go head to head. NXT is going to square of against AEW’s weekly TV show. This will start the Wednesday Night Wars, according to many people.

The WWE obviously believes in NXT, and that is why they have put trust in them. They believe that NXT has what is takes to beat the AEW. Bill Apter spoke about NXT premiering on the USA Network. Apter stated that NXT should get the big guns from the WWE when they start going head to head with AEW.

"I think when NXT premieres against AEW, he should take someone like he did with Stone Cold Steve Austin and have one of those legendary stars on that first NXT show… Someone like The Undertaker could made an appearance," said Apter.

"No schtick, just comes out and does his thing, 'N-X-T' [Undertaker voice]. Boom and he's gone." He also spoke about whether he thought Vince McMahon would be involved in NXT’s creative process or not: "It's hard to say because I've known Vince my whole career and I knew his father.

I think if there's something that just feels out of place and wrong to him, then he will want to change it. But if he looks at the track record of Triple H with NXT, maybe there will be more trust to say let's see what happens," stated Apter.