Bill Apter on NXT Managing Costs

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Bill Apter on NXT Managing Costs

NXT will now be part of the USA Network regularly. Their show will take place every Wednesday and the WWE wants NXT to battle AEW’s weekly TV show, that will also air on Wednesday. Of course, the WWE has to manage NXT well now and make sure that they rotate the audience.

Otherwise, the show might become boring to watch if the people watching at home see the same crowd over and over again. Bill Apter spoke about this on the WINCLY podcast. He stated that NXT has to really start managing funds to make sure they don’t overspend.

"You really have to rotate the audience so you don't see the same fans in the same rows every week because then it will look like there are three shows taped at once… Or you have to tell the fans to come back wearing different clothing," said Apter.

"I didn't really think they were going to do it from the same place each week. If it's in terms of budget, they can take it around a different city in Florida every week. But thinking with AEW – and I know they have a lot of brains behind the money – but it's so costly moving shows every week.

I can't even imagine what this is going to cost them bringing it from state to state." NXT is doing pretty well and that is the reason why WWE wants NXT to try to beat the WWE.