Christopher Daniels on Being Back on TNT

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Christopher Daniels on Being Back on TNT

TNT was the home of the legendary promotion called the WCW. They were the only promotion in the history of professional wrestling that came close to putting the WWE out of business. Vince McMahon managed to beat WWE eventually and bought the company.

Since then, the WWE has remained on top of the wrestling world and is still generating millions of dollars every year. Christopher Daniels is a former WCW star and he now works for All Elite Wrestling. AEW is the only company that might actually beat the WWE one day as they have a lot of money.

They recently started airing their weekly TV show called AEW Dynamite on TNT. Daniels was with the WCW when they aired their shows on TNT. After the AEW Dynamite episode, Wrestling Inc. asked Daniels about how he felt about returning to TNT.

"It's awesome dude," Daniels said ecstatically. "Times have changed, but we're back. We're on the rise. We're in the high point right now of professional wrestling. There are so many people who want to see us progress, there are so many ways to see professional wrestling.

Now, this is the most access that I've ever been part of. We're on a platform now that is bigger than any platform that I've ever been part of. I can't be more thrilled. Twenty-six years in the business and I'm waking up like a kid every morning knowing that I'm going to be on TNT tonight”.