Kenny Omega Not Cleared for TV Appearance

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Kenny Omega Not Cleared for TV Appearance

Professional wrestling is, without doubt, a very dangerous profession. Only a few people in the world can do it well and reach the top of a big promotion. Most promotions only invest in wrestlers that they think can help them make loads of money.

There are not many wrestlers in the world that can do that. Some talented professional wrestlers do not last long enough to reach the top of big promotions such as the WWE. All Elite Wrestling is now a big promotion and some people believe that it will put WWE out of business one day.

AEW has Kenny Omega. Omega spent years on the indie circuit before making his way to a promotion such as the AEW. He didn’t sign with the WWE, even though they wanted him. Omega showed how durable he is at AEW Full Gear.

He took his opponent Jon Moxley to hell with him in their match. It was an Unsanctioned Lights Out match. After the match, Omega stated that he wasn’t cleared for his scheduled TV appearance. AEW doctors did not clear him.

Omega tweeted tonight, "I lost and doctors won't clear me for TV. The problem is that you left me alive and I'll be back. I win. #AEWFullGear #AEW" It was indeed a brutal match. We won’t be surprised if he actually is injured badly. Omega is pretty durable but even he has limits.