Jon Moxley to Issue Open Challenge

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Jon Moxley to Issue Open Challenge

All Elite Wrestling is the only promotion in the world that can beat the WWE. The WWE has remained on top of the professional wrestling world for over a decade. The only promotion that ever came close to defeating the WWE was the WCW.

After they went out of business, no other promotion managed to accumulate the money required to beat WWE. All Elite Wrestling has some of the best former indie wrestlers working for it and they can put out great shows. They are also more sports orientated and records matter in the AEW.

With that being said, the AEW is also great at producing high-quality promos. Jon Moxley is one of the most popular AEW wrestlers in the current roster. He was a well-known indie wrestler before he joined the WWE. Before joining AEW, he was a WWE wrestler.

He was known as Dean Ambrose in the WWE. He reportedly turned down a seven-figure deal that he received from the WWE. He stated that he doesn’t like the WWE scripted promos and wanted to get out of it. In All Elite Wrestling, he is allowed to cut promos the way he wants.

He has also already fought some of the best AEW wrestlers, including Kenny Omega. Jon’s wrestling style is also very aggressive. Jon will issue an open challenge during the latest episode of AEW Dynamite. This might lead to a popular wrestler making his/her debut on AEW Dynamite. We don’t know yet, but it will be interesting.