Shazza McKenzie Wants to be Hired by AEW

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Shazza McKenzie Wants to be Hired by AEW

There are a huge number of professional indie wrestlers that want to join AEW or the WWE. They are both big professional wrestling promotions. They are also one of the best in the world right now. AEW has put out some great shows recently.

Their recent PPV event called Full Gear shook the entire wrestling world. Some people believe that it was the best PPV event of the year. AEW requires its wrestlers to perform really well in the ring though, and that is why they hire only the best indie wrestlers of the world.

Shazza McKenzie is a popular female indie wrestler. She was recently at Starrcade IV where she spoke about being featured in AEW with Wrestling Inc. She has a huge social media following. "I would also like to be hired by AEW, so I appreciate it because my goal is to live in America, and be a professional wrestler full-time.

And right now, I live in Australia and I travel over here and try to do as much as I can when I can," Shazza said. "It's hard, and it's taxing flying 24 hours to the other side of the world. So if I could just shorten that flight to when I want to wrestle, that would be great."

All Elite Wrestling is still in the process of hiring the best wrestlers. They are trying to take the WWE head-on and so far, they are kind of winning in terms of quality.