Shazza McKenzie on Not Getting AEW Contract

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Shazza McKenzie on Not Getting AEW Contract

For many wrestlers, joining promotions such as the WWE or the AEW is a dream come true. Many talented wrestlers in the world never get to any big promotion, even after spending years on the indie circuit. Big promotions usually only hire wrestlers that they believe will help them make more money.

The biggest professional wrestling promotions often have a lot of money. They can use it to hire almost any wrestler that they want. Even though the AEW has a huge number of indie stars working for them, they are still not enough.

These days, indie star Shazz Mekenzie is really popular. She has a huge fan base and she was at Starrcast IV recently. She spoke to Wrestling Inc. about her career. She was recently featured in an AEW event. She revealed that she wants to be hired by the AEW, but they haven’t offered her a contract yet.

She might not be hired anytime soon. "There's not any specific progress or anything; I'm just taking it one day at a time and hoping that whatever happens, I'll trust the process and I'll end up where I'm supposed to end up whenever I end up there.

You have to [trust the process], otherwise you'll go insane and just have a mental breakdown," Shazza said. AEW has a very small line-up of talented female wrestlers at the moment. The can definitely use some famous ones right now.