Shazza McKenzie on Receiving Mandible Claw

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Shazza McKenzie on Receiving Mandible Claw

Even though professional wrestling might look easy, it is not! There are so many professional wrestlers that get injured so badly that they need to end their careers. Professional wrestlers simply cannot wrestle after their limbs get damaged too badly.

Unfortunately, most wrestlers never make it to the big promotions because their injuries do not let them. Some of the moves that the wrestlers perform genuinely hurt. Even after years of training, they can go horribly wrong and leave a wrestler crippled.

There is one move that looks like it doesn’t hurt, but it does! That move is called the Mandible Claw. The move was made famous by Cactus Jack and is used by many wrestlers today. Shazza McKenzie is a famous indie wrestler.

She has a huge fan following and she recently received a mandible claw at an AEW event. She revealed that the move actually hurt quite badly. She appeared at the All out women’s Casino Battle Royale. "It was painful, it was the first time I had ever been dragged over the top rope by my mouth," Shazza admitted.

"The mandible or whatever - she, like said all those words in her video about how the match would be, about all the insides of the mouth, and I was like, 'Ugh' It just made my throat hurt, and my teeth, and it just made me go over."