Steve Austin Praises Chris Jericho

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Steve Austin Praises Chris Jericho

Paul Lazenby was recently on ‘The Broken Skull Studio’. He was with WWE Hall of Famer, Stone Cold Steve Austin. Steve Austin is set to debut a new podcast on the WWE Network. Austin praised Chris Jericho, who is the current All Elite Wrestling World Champion.

Lazenby also spoke about Jericho’s current run. Austin stated that Jericho is very entertaining and is a wrestler’s wrestler. "Jericho's a smart guy! I mean, he's kind of a wrestler's wrestler."

Austin said, "he studies the business [and] has a great recall on the history of the business." Lazenby and Jericho met in 1991. Jericho was Lazenby training partner and Lance T. Storm was their teacher. "I met Jericho in 1991.

I went to… I moved 2000 miles from my hometown and went to the Hart Brothers Pro Wrestling Academy and I ended up training at a Hart Brothers school without any Hart Brothers in it. Keith Hart showed up for the first two days to make sure that all the checks cleared.

And then, he took off and we never saw him again! So that was my first lesson in what wrestling was like. But I got lucky because Lance Storm and Chris Jericho assisting him were my instructors and they hadn't even finished their own rookie year yet." According to reports, Jericho received the best deal of his life from AEW and that is why he joined.