Bischoff on Almost Meeting Tony Khan

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Bischoff on Almost Meeting Tony Khan

Some cool new information was released on the internet by the folks over at the 83 weeks podcast. It is a podcast that is hosted by Eric Bischoff. Eric spoke about his recent departure from the WWE during the show. He was the Executive Director of Smackdown.

Eric Bishoff is the former President of WCW and played a huge role during the Monday Night Wars. He nearly destroyed the WWE. Bischoff shared a story. He nearly met the AEW President, Tony Khn during Tony Schiavone’s roast that took place on Tony’s birthday.

Bischoff stated that he could not meet Khan as Mark Madden roasted Khan. Khan eventually stormed out of the event. Madden called Khan a “Money mark” and made fun of him for having a large number of Executive Vince Presidents.

Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks are the AEW EVPs. "Right at the very beginning of this thing, everybody's seated," Bischoff recalled, according to the highlights sent to us by the show. "Mark Madden opens up and he goes, 'Hey, look over there!

Tony Khan the money mark! How many executive vice presidents do you have in your company anyway?' Evidently Tony took exception to that and got up and left. So I could have, I guess, had an opportunity to meet Tony Khan.

But Mark Madden f--ked it up for me…and by me telling this story I probably just f--ked it up for myself, but whatever."