Ryback on CM Punk Joining WWE Backstage

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Ryback on CM Punk Joining WWE Backstage

Ryback is a former Intercontinental Champion. He was sold as one of the strongest competitors in the WWE shortly after his debut and feuded with CM Punk. CM Punk was the WWE Champion at that time. The feud led to a show-down inside a Hell in a Cell.

Ryback spoke about CM Punk on the latest episode of his podcast. He was joined by Wrestling Inc. He also talked about CM Punk receiving an offer from AEW. Ryback stated that he doesn’t know about the current status of the relationship between CM Punk and WWE.

Ryback stated that CM Punk does go back on his words when there is money involved. "Everyone does that in different things," Ryback explained. "I think this is the thing with him---this is all with Vince, and once you know Vince and he is a weird old man as Seth Rollins and others have realized that, it's all a game to him and this is simply just CM Punk.

"Punk had a game plan when he left and the game plan kind of didn't really go as planned, it bombed it is fair to say, and what his expectations were or what he was hoping but you have to give him credit, the way everything has played out, he negotiated a contract with FOX, and now Vince McMahon is essentially answering to the TV networks now for the first time ever”.