Chris Jericho and Jungle Boy Match Thoughts

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Chris Jericho and Jungle Boy Match Thoughts

In the most recent episode of AEW Dynamite, Chris Jericho stated that he is obligated to have one more match before 2019 ended. Chris Jericho is the current AEW World Champion. Jericho will be able to pick his opponent. Many people believed that Jericho will defend his title in his last match as AEW has not held any non-title matches.

Jericho then started reading through a list of wrestlers. He stated that he couldn’t wrestle Cody Rhodes as “he can’t” fight him. This is obviously a reference to the fact that Cody cannot fight for the AEW World title ever again after he lost to Jericho at the Full Gear PPV event last month.

However, Jericho can face Cody if the match is a non-title one so that reason would make no sense at all. On the official AEW Website, his last match was being referred to as a title defense match. "Le Champion said AEW is forcing him to have one more title defense this year,” it read.

Jericho continued to say names from the list and clearly spoke about the wrestlers that he does not want to face. Just then, Jurassic Express came out. Jungle Boy stated that he wanted Jericho in the ring with him. Jungle Boy then proceeded to slap Jericho in the face.

Jungle Boy currently has a record of 0 wins and 8 losses. It would really make no sense for Jericho to defend his title against someone with that kind of record.