Matt Jackson on Kenny Omega Joining the Bullet Club

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Matt Jackson on Kenny Omega Joining the Bullet Club

Kenny Omega is one of the best superstars in the current All Elite wrestling roster. He was at one time the most famous and valuable indie professional wrestler in the world. Now he is part of a mainstream professional wrestling promotion that may indeed beat the WWE one day.

Matt Jackson is part of The Young Bucks and is also part of all Elite Wrestling. Kenny Omega became a part of The Bullet Club when he joined NJPW. He was offered a full-time role. In a video released on YouTube, Matt spoke about Omega being a part of the Bullet Club and recalled that Omega didn’t like being a part of the Bullet Club at first.

"Soon after [Omega was defeated by Nick in a match], Kenny texts us and he says, 'New Japan wants to bring me on full time' basically, 'and they want to put me in The Bullet Club.' And you were pissed off.

Yeah, he was like, 'this is weird.' He was like, 'why should I be on your guys' team? We should be working against each other.' He's like, 'Bullet Club [has] already got AJ [Styles] and stuff.'

" Jackson added, "yeah, you're like, 'what? All foreigners just go in The Bullet Club?' Give me a break! You were pissed off about it, but you were like, 'do you know what? Maybe this will be good for us. We can hang out. We can do our thing.' "