Brandi Rhodes on Not Being on Jericho’s Cruise

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Brandi Rhodes on Not Being on Jericho’s Cruise

Professional wrestlers regularly organize events. This helps them post cool videos on social media and also helps them engage their fans better. Last year, Chris Jericho stated that he would organize a cruise in 2020. A lot of famous wrestlers and wrestling industry people were invited to be part of the cruise.

Of course, some wrestlers and guest stated that they won’t be part of the cruise. Some had schedule conflicts and had to back out. Brandi Rhodes recently announced that she won’t be part of Jericho’s cruise.

The cruise will be called "Rock 'n' Wrestling Rager at Sea Part Deux: Second Wave" Somebody stole Brandi’s passport recently and that is the reason why she won’t make it. Brandi wrote on Twitter, “I hope this doesn't disappoint anyone, as I was having to leave early to deliver the keynote at NATPE next week (which I am insanely excited for!) but I will not be on the cruise at all this year.

My passport was stolen this evening and I cannot attend. Be safe and have fun." Brandi is currently working for All Elite Wrestling as the Chief Brand Officer. She is a former indie wrestler and is married to Cody Rhodes, who is one of AEW’s Executive Vice President. AEW is the only promotion that people think will beat the WWE one day. They are currently competing with WWE NXT.