Triple H Confident About NXT Products

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Triple H Confident About NXT Products

Even though NXT is not doing so well against AEW’s Dynamite, Triple H is still confident about the product NXT offers. Triple H is currently in charge of running NXT. Many WWE fans prefer watching NXT as Vince McMahon has almost zero involvement.

It is so far free from WWE’s over the top storylines. NXT has some very talented wrestlers. However, they can’t beat AEW dynamite without some main roster talents. This is a problem for the WWE! AEW is the new kid on the block and they do not have the star power or recognition that WWE has.

AEW managed to acquire only a few former WWE stars and they still have to establish the lesser-known talents in the company. On a media call, Triple H stated that he is happy with NXT’s performance on the USA Network.

He is also confident that NXT will beat AEW one day. "I think that, and people can make this argument, but I think what we've done is come in and proven the in-ring product from a hardcore, not a hardcore in the old sense, but in a passionate fanbase of bell-to-bell action standpoint, arguable that it is bell-to-bell, the equivalent or better than anybody”.

“Now you start to do different things, you start to add in a bit more entertainment, you start to add in a bit more variety. You start to add in some other things. You have to establish it first”.