JR On Taz’s Debut in WWE


JR On Taz’s Debut in WWE

Jim Ross hosted another episode of the Grilling J.R. podcast. It is a very well-known podcast and Jim Ross is a WWE Hall of Famer. Ross currently works for All Elite Wrestling as their Senior Advisor. He is also part of the commentary team.

Ross spoke about the WWE debut of the legendary wrestler Taz. Tazz was super famous before he joined the WWE, and he received a huge pop when he made his debut. He fought Kurt Angle at the 2000 Royal Rumble event. Ross still remembers how the crowd went wild as soon as he entered the arena.

"Taz earned one of the biggest ovations that I'd ever heard in the Garden for anybody in WWE in my career there," Ross said. "I remember when Austin came back. I remember when Triple H came back. A lot of guys [returned] where we can go back and say, 'well that was a big pop.'

They all were. You're right but nothing that I had ever heard from a brand new guy that had never worked in WWE before [overshadowed] what Taz did." Taz recently signed a contract with All Elite Wrestling. He will be working as a broadcaster.

All Elite Wrestling has been successful in signing some well-known people over the past year. We are quite sure that they will hire any former WWE wrestler that they can so boost the star power of their roster.