Jim Ross on Taz Dropping Angle on His Head


Jim Ross on Taz Dropping Angle on His Head

Even before joining WWE, Taz was a very famous wrestler. He didn’t do very well in the WWE, but he was a very famous indie wrestler. Many WWE fans were extremely happy to see him finally make his debut at the Royal Rumble PPV in 2000.

Taz is now retired! After ending his in-ring career, Taz joined the WWE commentary team and continued his career in the WWE. Taz just signed a contract with All Elite Wrestling. He will be working for the promotion as a broadcaster.

WWE Hall of Famer, Jim Ross spoke about Taz on his podcast recently. Ross spoke about Taz dropping Kurt Angle on his head in his debut match. "There is no way as a talent or someone that's involved in talent management that I'm gonna look at a great pop like that as a negative.

I think he overreacted there in my opinion. I do remember there were moments in the match, and look, Taz didn't do those suplexes acapella, Kurt was taking them dare devilish," Ross said. "It takes two to tango in those scenarios, but there's not doubt there's some release-type suplexes some things going on that we had not a lot of in WWE”.

Taz had to retire after sustaining too many injuries. He is also well-known for working as a commentator on Impact Wrestling. He hasn't wrestled for a really long time.

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