The Young Bucks discuss their work as a team

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The Young Bucks discuss their work as a team

The Young Bucks debuted on August 8, 2004 and have always worked in pairs in Chikara, in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla and in the Ring of Honor; with the transition to Total Nonstop Action Wrestling they became Generation Me and adopted the names Max and Jeremy Buck.

After leaving TNA the two continued to fight both in the independent scene as in Chikara but are currently under contract with New Japan Pro Wrestling and ROH, where they have won several titles. The two brothers have long played in the Bullet Club and are part of The Elite together with their friend Kenny Omega.

In a recent interview to Sports Illustrated, they discussed their work as a team: “Every time before I walk up those steps and hit the curtain, I’m a nervous wreck. No matter what it is that I am doing out there, whether it’s just a run-in, or a full blown match, I feel like I’m having heart palpations and I could pass out.

I feel every single emotional and physical feeling before that moment. Then I look at Nick and wonder if he feels these same things. I feel more comfortable having him by my side. I feel my most alive. I’m afraid of getting hurt.

I’m terrified of slipping on live television. I have self-doubt. But then, the crowd roars and I hit the ring and I remember that I belong, and that I’m actually really good at this”.