JR on AEW’s Talent Hunt

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JR on AEW’s Talent Hunt

Jim Ross is a legendary WWE commentator. He now works for All Elite Wrestling, which is the only company that people believe might be able to beat the WWE one day. Jim Ross works as a Senior Advisor for the promotion. He is also part of their commentary team.

According to some reports, Jim Ross received a very good deal from AEW. Reports suggest that it was the best deal that he ever received in his life. Jim Ross also has his own podcast called the Grilling JR podcast. He regularly talks about various wrestling related stuff and interacts with his fans.

JR spoke about the type of talents that the AEW is looking for these days. "Size, athletic big guys," Ross said. "I'm a big fan of Lance Archer, Jeff Cobb, Luke Harper. Guys like that have the ability that we can all see that have not been given the total opportunity to become a global star.

I like those kinds of guys because they have an athletic background, that means to me that since they were a kid, they were competitive, that's important. "This business is not easy. Finding athletes to become pro wrestlers is not a bad formula, it worked for generations in our country since Bronko Nagurski (NFL hall of famer), he quit playing football at the height of his career to wrestle full time”.