Cody talks about his feud with MJF

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Cody talks about his feud with MJF

At Fyter Fest, Cody fought against Darby Allin in a match that ended in a draw for time limit. At Fight for the Fallen was defeated by the Young Bucks in a match with Dustin. At All Out he defeated Shawn Spears. As the holder of the best record of wins/losses, Cody earned a match for the AEW World Championship against Chris Jericho, but was defeated by submission and betrayed by his protégé MJF.

He will face MJF at Revolution on February 29, 2020. Speaking with Sports Illustrated, he talked about his feud with MJF: “There is a pure evil to Max. He’s unlike anyone who I’ve ever encountered in pro wrestling.

I don’t think anyone knows the real Max. He lives in Long Island with his family, and I think they’re the only people, when that door closes, that know who Max really is. His commitment is incredible. There is a deeper element at play.

That’s why I don’t like the term ‘heel.’ If you look back at Christmas night in World Class Championship Wrestling from 1982, the night Michael Hayes turned on Kerry Von Erich. That’s not what happened.

He got kneed by Flair into Kerry, and then Terry defended him because he only saw the second half of the hit. There was not a plain, black-and-white heel turn. Max talks about how I held him down, and that genuinely hurts. Now he’s in the big spotlight, in the second main event of a show in a sold-out arena, and we’ll see what he can do”.